Cat Adoption Guide: Food Taken From the Cats

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Cat Adoption Guide: Food Taken From the Cats: "Note: I am okay with bloggers backlinking my content by using my blog or article introduction, but I think it is morally wrong to do a copy paste of my work, word for word, link by link, and image by image. I never thought that this would happen to me,

This cat was trapped in a thicket, no food 4 day. By SGolis©
I am a simple person who lives a simple life, I will go out into the woods when it is 9 below to feed a starving cat, I will blog about my work here in hope that I can teach others how to care for feral cats and how to save lives. I donate all of my earnings from this blog to the feral and stray cats in my neighborhood. When bloggers steal my content from this blog they are taking food out of the cats mouth."

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