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How to Seduce your Husband after 20 years of Marriage |

Tuesday Lose some weight with the thinner IPAD 2 - article short on Holiday Music FREE downloads before your party rtfu Elizabeth Smart is Smart. Victim Rights Win Are you blogging? why you should get your own domain! blogger writing writers wahm 1 billion views at cha cha. writers writing Examiner partners with Reuters! writing news xmnr earnmoneyonline Kick back and enjoy a sappy romance holiday movie

Monday All I want for Christmas is you!!! click on links to articles about writing to watch videos on making money online Forget water if fire rages liek in this video!!!! (#christmas tree) STOP " farmer market and backyard farmer no more!
Kachoo - God bless ya, check those allergy guidelines and diagnosis's
Civil Judgment of $450,000 for alleged fraudulent mortgage deals handed down by Arizona Attorney General's Office
Sarah Palin Back to the Future: Death Panel rears its ugly head "Trumpster' for President! no wonder he may cancel reg. apprentice
Donald Trump hints about being President of United States of America in the future Elizabeth Smart - yea
iPad 2 take over Internet: Do you want one???? Comeon santa want to leavef on in stocking (article) apple tech geek cell
Don't you wish you worked at IKEA? BIKE for Bonus! christmas work economy
Today's date and Olivia Wilde have something in common. look at slideshow and watch Tron trailer video

How to Get Your Child a Free Christmas Toy in... | Gather

How to Get Your Child a Free Christmas Toy in... | Gather: "Need to know how to get your child a free Christmas toy? The economy in 2010 has hit everyone hard and with the Christmas season upon us, there are some children who might not get a gift. Looking for a resource to find a free Christmas toy to put under the Christmas Tree this year? During the Christmas holiday season, plenty of organizations offers help and assistance for those parents looking for a present or two.

KEEP reading by clicking on link on title above...

Here are some suggestions that you can immediate do:

Register for the Marine Toys for Tots program. The have a strong website that can direct you to a local contact and easily send you the details to get involved. Don’t delay as the closer to Christmas you decide to check, the harder it will be to get a toy.

Start asking at your church or community center. You don’t need to be part of a church to get a donated new toy for your child, but you must ask. Many churches have toy drives to share the season with their co"


Senior dies at Burger King: Fight results in deadly ‘Whopper’ from blunt force trauma oh my gosh !!!! I;ve been Whopped!
Sarah Palin ‘Time’ Magazine interview: Exclusive was limited to email
IKEA Employees get 2 wheel Christmas bonus: Bikes given out to say ‘thank you’ I want to work there!!!! Elizabeth Smart victory victimrights smart law
Startling figures show women skip mammograms after 40 increasing their risk of breast cancer cancer please RT Get this to the people with kids that need help!!! neighbors etc. poverty christmas tft
Sarah Palin Back to the Future: Death Panel rears its ugly head HC obamacare palin tcot
Is your tree SAFE???/ REALLY??? watch this video and MAKE SURE! christmas insurance rtfu foreclosure defense fraud HOPE for homeowners with this court case law
@AZAG $450,000 for alleged fraudulent mortgage deals foreclosure fraud WAY TO GO! more FDA Food Safety : Bill makes illegal backyard produce N O MORE farmer's market? FSMA

Spotlight Article | Gather

Spotlight Article | Gather: "Christmas Tree Fires: Save thousands of dollars with holiday safety advice
by Jodi Jill
to group: Gather News Channel
tags: christmas tree care, christmas tree, christmas tree safety
December 07, 2010 03:11 PM EST -- Christmas fires often start with Christmas trees that have not been watered regularly or are too close to electrical outlets. According to KTAR news in a report on Christmas trees in Arizona today, . . . more"

New Top 100 wines of 2010 list reveals holiday... | Gather

New Top 100 wines of 2010 list reveals holiday... | Gather: "ere is a list of a few of the top wines which you might like to try or give a holiday gift, or hostess gift. All of these wines are very reasonably priced at under $15-20 online. Maybe your favorite made the list this year on

d'Arenberg Stump Jump Shiraz 2008
McLaren Vale, Australia

Di Majo Norante Sangiovese 2008
Southern Italy, Italy"

Foodie trends gives holiday spice to drink... | Gather

Foodie trends gives holiday spice to drink... | Gather: "you have been to Starbucks, Blenz or even Costco taste testings, then you know that Holiday Spice flavors are hot, hot, hot! Starting in October with Pumpkin Latte or hot apple cider customer demand can cause supplies to run out. In December the flavor addicts have developed into full blown mocha peppermint decadent drinks. Holidays it seems, are a great time to treat yourself to special flavors in food and drink.

Restaurant chains are responding also and according to recent news headlines consumers are dining out more often this year. Consumers are also requesting traditional holiday foods such as pumpkin, squash, caramel and hazelnut. In frozen foods you can now find ravioli filled with pumpkin, or butternut squash. In fact demand for these 'fall' flavors has increased 150% or more.

Leading market consumer Mintel has offe"

Bathroom Bandit: HIding in Bathroom video link

Bathroom Bandit: Robber spends two hours... | Gather: "Some thieves will do anything for a buck. According to University Police yesterday, this includes the latest robbery at the Captain Nemos in University Place, Washington. The popular restaurant had $5,000 stolen from the safe when the thief entered the locked office via the ceiling.

Entering the front door, the thief made their way directly to the bathrooms and lifted himself to wait on the ceiling rafters to wait until after closing. Several hours passed before the suspect l"


Sarah Palin death panels and other topics of great joy ... tlot tcot politics healthcare New Christmas traditions can be started in your family!!! Make it more MEANINGFUL - gifts
Christmas Tree Fires: Save thousands of dollars with holiday safety advice
Christmas Shopping just got a deal: JC Penney offering $10 off $25 purchase WOOO HOOOO !
Dollar Committing Suicide? Jon Stewart - Printing Money of Not? VIDEO (funny) funny omg news econom
Donald Trump hints about being President of United States of America in the future


Civil Judgment of $450,000 @AZAG fine 2 corrupt cops! foreclosure # fraud! Whats next White House, Parliment? UK SUN or Verizon???? take down of Mastercard
MAN OVERBOARD! Massive Waves damage cruise ship Clelia II Video SHIP tossed in waters news cruise storms You'd better watch OUT!!!! Santa Claus cell phone app is new way for kids ask for toys in 2010 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act: Bill makes illegal backyard produce WOW!
How to Locate a Lost Cell Phone EASY | Twitter woke me up the other night with news of Mastercard takedown! This T-account is wild! what next????


How to Keep Stray Cats Out of your Yard | OH MY GOSH - COME AND SEE what SUSAN did for my blog.... IT totally rocks fabulous. leave a comment have you seen this contrast video of christmas tree fire? WOWWWWW Don't store heirloom seeds or grow veggies to sell - it might be illegal! Mastercard went down! I saw it at 3or was it 4 AM? WIKILEAKS wow Home foreclosures you have go to read this! MAGICAL MONEY???? OH yeah turn $15.00 into 25.00 or more!!! promocode coupon watch the video of last night's lighting of the Christmas tree NICE! Why do women leave the country - it isn't healthy. NO scuba for me! Domain Domain Domain - guest blogpost explains it all! writers Lighting of tree tonight was great... now on to displays and 57 other trees...


the-25-year-foreclosure-from-hell: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

This lady ROCKS! how can they sell a loan they dont' own during foreclosure court battles? Seems like some judges needed to get gutsy a long time ago!

the-25-year-foreclosure-from-hell: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance: "The 71-year-old retired insurance saleswoman has been living in her house, a two-story on a half acre in a tidy middle-class neighborhood here in central Florida, since 1978. The last time she made a mortgage payment was October 1985.

[Click here to check home loan rates in your area.]

More from

• Paperwork Trail: The Lawyers Who Fight Foreclosures

• U.S. Looks Deeper Into Foreclosures

• Foreclosure Detectives Hunt for Lies
And yet Ms. Campbell has been able to keep her house, protected by a 105-pound pit bull named Dodger and a locked, rusty gate advising visitors to beware of the dog.

'They're not going to take this house,' says Ms. Campbell. 'I intend to stay in this house and maintain it as my residence until I die.'

Ms. Campbell's foreclosure case has outlasted two marriages, three recessions and four presidents. She has seen seven great-grandchildren born, plum real-estate markets come and go and the ownership of her mortgage change six times. Many Florida real-estate lawyers say it is the longest-lasting foreclosure case they have ever heard of."

Alaska Cargo Ship rescued by tug boat,... | Gather

Alaska Cargo Ship rescued by tug boat,... | Gather: "Yesterday, a Coast Guard tug boat rescued a cargo ship carrying a full load of canola seed and fuel oil from Vancouver, Canada. The cargo ship was broken down in the waters near the Alaska Aleutian Islands. The video from the Associated Press shows the raw footage of that rescue."


Foreclosure news you can't live without! politicis, economy, and what's happening check it out!
My blog is heating up ..... Polar Express, X factor and GLEE hot dog!!!!


Justin Bieber on X Factor Sunday WATCH HERE on live streaming video 1pm Tucson, MST

Click title link to watch video live on

Tucson Celebrity Examiner - Celebrity | "COUNTDOWN 2 hours X FACTOR: Watch LIVE and Photo Slideshow: Justin Bieber and X FACTOR

November 28, 2010 - Contestants and X Factor fans are in for a treat. Justin Bieber will be performing on X FACTOR UK today in just under 2 short hours. You can watch Live streaming video below. Justin Bieber,...
Tags:Video X Factor"
COUNTDOWN 4 hours to Bieber Fever: Justin Bieber on X FACTOR UK watch LIVE stream video COUNTDOWN: 5.5 hours until live JUSTIN BIEBER X Factor appearnance watch live Watch Justin Bieber LIVE video stream... COOL

Saturday Bristol Palin and Mark both receive death threats


With today's sales it might be time to rethink earning $$$ money EArn cash using credit YUM YUM YUM leftover turkey recipes 3- I love the creole one - how about you?

Wednesday Wouldnt' you love a VW beetle .. wish I was in Oprah's audience!!!! Turkey Recipes and Thanksgiving hints like cleaning fast, cooking breakfast etc. Yikes is this cold? Sarah Palin and Bristol DWTS AZ politics parenting I hope congress listens we need to keep good doctors


Worlds Largest Coffee?

The victory was an adventure for the young CEO, and his Herculean mug of coffee had everyone buzzing at Blog World, the world's largest social media conference.  In case you're getting a caffeine buzz just thinking about it, the 2,010 gallon mug held the equivalent of 32,160 cups of coffee - enough to power every office in town for a year.  And it was no small accomplishment.
Abood and his team from set to work in the wee hours of the morning to begin brewing. Eight hours later, they poured the final cup into the massive mug and a Guinness World Record Official measured it, took the temperature, and it made history.
The following day, fueled by lots of coffee naturally, the team of 15 employees toiled again to brew the world's biggest cup of iced coffee, complete with a staggering 3,500 pounds of enormous ice cubes.  It looked so refreshing that a few members of the team took a celebratory plunge into the dark sea of coffee after Guinness declared the second victory for
"It was a wild experience. Hopping into a frigid cup of iced coffee was one of the most exhilarating experiences, and a once in a lifetime opportunity," said teammate Madeleine McGregor.
But it wasn't all for fun. Abood and his team dovetailed the fanfare with an opportunity to collect donations for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization, which provides the world's largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, with more than $1.3 billion invested to date.  It's a charity that has enjoyed ongoing support from
"We are a family business and we even view our employees as extensions of our family. When you have a family this large you can't avoid confronting a struggle with cancer and anything we can do to support a cancer fighting cause, such as Susan G. Komen, is very near and dear to our hearts," says Abood.

**Photo Credit PR: GOURMETGIFTBASKETS.COM COFFEE DIVE Diving into 32,160 cups of coffee. Crew breaks 2 Guinness World Records and takes a celebratory swim. 8-foot coffee mug and brewing 2,010 gallons of fresh coffee, shattering the Guinness World Record for largest cup of coffee. ( LAS VEGAS, NV UNITED STATES 
To all friends get a head start on blackfriday.. many stores offering early bird.... (best buys is one) Expose' Jon Stuart - restore sanity? how about honesty??? tcot tlot comedy
EXPOSE': Jon Stuart - Is he honest? Restore the Sanity?

Friday AZ is starting to rock foreclosure... 1 of my fav viralvideos... still hot this week. video dance music IGLESIAS Y WISIN YANDEL EN LOS LATIN GRAMMY´S 2010
Ricky Martin continues to Thrill Fans (video)
Bernie Madoff used boxers and velveteen slippers for sale - want them?
KIM KARDASHIAN: Jay Leno watch full interview here Garfield comic creator apologizes for what? Kanyewest, twitter and the Today Show Manny fight tomorrow; video trainer interview Latingrammy grammy Ricky Martin photos video Lauer @kanye: Kanye Mans Up = thoughful responses tcot tlot news


James Napoli: If Celebrities Wrote Their Own Reviews: Harrison Ford on Morning Glory

James Napoli: If Celebrities Wrote Their Own Reviews: Harrison Ford on Morning Glory:
"Morning Glory
Movie Review
By Harrison Ford

In Morning Glory, Harrison Ford (me) plays an irascible curmudgeon of an old-school TV anchorman who is at loggerheads with the plucky young producer who wants to dumb down his morning show to get it out of the ratings sewer. Sweet Jesus, are you hearing this? What the hell was I thinking? Who could be emotionally invested in this inane treacle? Certainly not anybody who drives the box office. Those kids don't even watch TV news, and why should they? It's a hopelessly outdated paradigm germane to nothing in the life of any sentient being. And it has long since become a parody of itself, so satirizing it is as futile as expecting someone else to change the toner." Video interview could foreclosure crisis been avoided?

Wednesday CMA awards 2010 video SONG OF YEAR: MIRANDA>>>>> cma award msuic TAYLOR SWIFT Back to December cma video cma video JOKES Show opening cma video Engagement song cma video cma music countrymusic tribute 6 video articles behind scenes at CMA 2010


How to Decorate your Home for a Winter White Christmas |

How to Decorate your Home for a Winter White Christmas | Watch TV online FREE (for a price)
GOLD RUSH! Wowsers! (article) gold economy economy Obituary for the Dollar bill UK observations on the US economy and politics!




Single Plant Featuring 991 Blooms, 11 Feet Wide, Now on View as Part of Longwood’s Annual Chrysanthemum Festival through November 21

       Longwood Gardens Grows Largest Chrysanthemum in North America, featuring 991 Blooms. Photo: L. Albee

Monday please retweet Conan returns! teamcoco tv Boxing Fighting you gotta see this video!

Sunday CONGRATS Justin beiber mtvema
More from mtvema show news music Check out the articles about the mtv ema show. pictures and videos

Saturday GRINCHMAS or GRINCH FUN???? video movie christmas JP MORGAN CHASE.... are you on the list? foreclosures resume law rico charges in foreclosure gate
writers ehow Want to show off your writing?My blog hosting widgets MY FAV>>>> flashmob or crowd dance! video viralvideo GRINCHMAS Grinchy grinch ... love him! (check it out) NC travel christmas Biltmore MUST SEE! wow ! AZ foreclosure prevention EVENTS seminars UNDERWATER? Walkaways are big - economy foreclosure financial politics Obama interview

Friday Check out NC and the Biltmore.. I'm ready to travel!!!


Universal Studios Celebrates 'Grinchmas' December 11 (VIDEO) - WHO STOLE CHISTMAS???? 2 new posts about the LOOTING of America by former asst. secretary housign FITTS please RT
HOT HOT HOT Topic: Harry Potter and Warner Brothers products nationwide -
Ticket Lottery for National Tree Lighting: B.B. King, Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles performing -
Ticket Lottery for National Tree Lighting: B.B. King, Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles performing -
'Freak Out Freak Out': Tori and Gang compete Ultimate Karaoke Crown Special - Lots of CELEB stuff, auctions, purses, hair, GRINCH

Wednesday HOT IN TUCSON: The green hornet trailer.. watch it video movies
Be first in line to get your Toy Story 3 dvd /coupon

Best Companies in Casa Grande


NEED a gift or candles? Casa Grande Candle Co The shop smells heavenly. If you can't visit in person you can order online. Check out the monthly coupons on their website. 422 North Florence Street #1 (520) 421-9943

NEED $$/gifts? Casa Grande Jewelry & Pawn I have found some excellent gifts for Christmas stocking stuffers and special occasions. Gold Coins, special DVD's, Ninetendo, RINGS. If you need Extra Cash check out this store. 1326 N Pinal Ave Casa Grande, AZ 85122 520-836-7755

NEED printer ink? Cartridge World Casa Grande The owners are wonderful people and very active in the community. When you need cartridges for your printer - why spend more? Buy the same ink at lower prices with people you know and trust.
1485 E Florence Blvd 520-426-7676

NEED a great dentist? Hankel, Carpenter, Ehrbright, & Mitchell Highly rated and a great staff! 1895 N Trekell Rd (520) 836-8776

Search Engine Submission - AddMe

Monday LIST: Popular articles this week. Beyonce, Rhianna, X Factor, Castle


BofA foreclosures skip Arizona | Phoenix Business Journal

BofA foreclosures skip Arizona | Phoenix Business Journal: "Bank of America said today it is starting up foreclosures again in 23 states, but will continue its freeze in 27 others, including Arizona, as it reviews its procedures.
BofA instituted a national freeze on foreclosures earlier this month in the midst of questions about whether mortgage lenders are even looking at foreclosure documents before approving actions."


BG Findashop - Fuel/Air Induction Service

BG Findashop - Fuel/Air Induction Service: "Intake valve with heavy deposit build-up. Intake valve after service.

EGR Service
The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is clogged causing loss of power. If neglected a costly repair bill is imminent.

Remove EGR valve and attach a specialized tool at the EGR port, where a carbon-attacking chemical eliminates carbon build-up."


How to Make Bacon Pancakes |

Okay I am in the mood for breakfast for dinner... How about you ?

How to Make Bacon Pancakes |

Okay I am in the mood for breakfast for dinner... How about you ?


CRAZY my grandkids think so

BLACK WIDOW: Seek and Destroy


Sharing information and tips to increase earnings. Increase your passive, residual income. Make money faster than greased lightening. If you love writing for Examiner, Ehow, Bukisa, Hub, Squidoo, share your stuff here! Guest bloggers welcome!
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Choose Change | Donate ATM Fees to Charity

Choose Change | Donate ATM Fees to Charity

HELP support non profits without touching your pocket. This company's ATM let you support the your causes by contirbuting $1.00 out of the ATM fees Learn more


Evictions: Foreclosure is not just paperwork - 11 videos

For those friends that have not seen foreclosure results up close and personal, here are a few videos to show you what is happening in America all over. Starting with the first video that includes how the loan broke TILA or truth in lending laws. And ending with 7 strategies to use if you are faced with foreclosure.

Less than 1% of home loans are modified. In some states the eviction is 3 days. 3 days to move a lifetime of memories. Arizona is generous - you get 5 days. Evicted homeowners lose their downpayment money, as well any money towards principal payments is gone. To add insult to injury, about 90% of foreclosures are estimated to be wrong. Many do not know that they are victims of toxic loans or fraudulent loans. Many do not know of some of the answers that are out there.

What the heck.... ? What is the hurry to EVICT? 3-5 days? Cash for Key's options mean that you sign away all rights to property! Choice you get 30 days and a POSSIBLE few bucks OR you get evicted in 5 days. That is COERSION. We have courts that are applying COERSION additionally by presuming the banks word that they foreclosed properly. They don't need notes, deeds or anything other than a trustee's deed of sale as a document to force eviction. It does not matter HOW they got that document.

Check out these videos and explore more. LISTEN TO THE STATISTICS and then get involved because it involves everyone in America not just a few nameless people that got themselves into a financial mess. Most people have used all assets to stay in the house as long as they can. All savings, retirement and possibly even loans to try to stay in a house that has no equity to draw from.

DAN'S STORY: Fighting for our Homes - mortgage fraud involved here! TILA (truth in lending) laws violated

CASH FOR KEYS: Explained from REALTOR point of view

HUD foreclosure

Does this sound familiar?: fixed income, no equity and YOU DON'T QUALIFY for help


PETS EVICTED TOO: This video from 2008 when there were less foreclosures

Where have all the builders gone? NEW Industry - Foreclosure Cleanup

2009 What to do if facing foreclosure: Jeff Lerman on Fox News: 7 Ways To Legally Delay or Avoid Foreclosure - remember only 1% of homes in 2010 are now modified!


Business Articles for Sales

TOP 10 Business Articles:

How to Develop Sales Approach For Small to Medium Business

sales revenue
sales revenue

Tired of lack of focus in your sales? Draw a Flow chart of these steps and keep it above your monitor.

In tough economic times a business must hunker down and define successful strategies. Balancing new and old customers - closing that back door.

Follow these steps to start your more effective sales journey.
>>> Keep Reading for Steps

Marketing Strategies- Turtle Shell Marketing or Hit the Road Jack

Hit the road jack. Today's tough times call for better marketing and advertising while budgets are cut. This is the modern day version of using your vehicle and your equipment; much like an old fashioned peddler, and taking your product to where the customers are.

How to Marketing for a Tight Economy

You have heard of gorilla marketing? Well it is time to restratigise and hit the road. Personal face to face marketing by putting your best foot forward and hitting the road using all your available tools and resources to market with a tight budget.

>>> Keep Reading for Steps

How to Increase Revenue Solving Customer Complaints

Customer Service Management
Customer Service Management

Losing revenue? Losing Customers? Follow these tips to increase your revenue and close the back door on customer exits.

You have a wide open back door. You are losing customers, some that never contact you and other that leave slamming the door with resounding thud. Buying a Special software might help but following these steps will also increase your revenue. >>>> Keep Reading for steps

How to Build Rapport Instantly

When meeting people you have just a minute to create a good impression so read my other article for further tips on what to wear and how to talk. Have you ever met someone you "just clicked" with? A soul sister it may be because you are creating rapport quickly.>>>KEEP READING: IMPORTANT SALES TOOL STEPS

How to Make Good Impression in 10 Seconds

You are at social event... you have up to 10 seconds to make an impression. ON a job interview about 7 seconds to make that impression. In other situations you may have up to 30 seconds.

Here we will cover that first few seconds and more.... Life comes at you fast - are you ready>>>keep reading