Leftover recipes

intro to blog by friend: This friend used my recipe on her website. If you eat, cook, or have leftovers make sure to check out this site.

here is the intro to my contribution if you want the secret
spices you have to click on the link : Leftover Potato

Potato Chowder Recipe Ingredients
2 cups cooked mashed potatoes
2 cups Land O'Lakes Low Fat Half & Half
1 tablespoon milk >>>>>>SECRET COMBO


How to Get Sex Addiction Treatment

How to Get Sex Addiction Treatment like Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Sex Addict
Tiger Woods Sex Addict

New reporting that Tiger Woods is seeking treatment in Phoenix for sexual addiction. This is very believable given the weeks of listening to mistress after mistress claim him as lover.

Sexual addiction may be a real problem for many. For those needing help - don't wait unti
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