Its been quite a while since I highlighted some of my Bukisa articles. The articles just keep on collecting money - residual money is great. Below is my Bukisa Widget. Bukisa is great - if you know how to get views it can be good supplemental site to write for. Today the Bukisa index is 3.49 which is the amount they pay per 1,000 unique human visits. I received payout first year and receive residual income from referrals and from those in my network that earn money. (sounds kind of like Amway - right?)

BUKISA has one neat feature on the home page, as well a jobs page, and that is ads for those wanting writing jobs. They feature Bukisa job offerings AND freelance job offers from across the internet. For instance today there is an ad for Web Content writer needed for Buskisa and it pays per 20 per hour! SWEEEEET!

AT any rate enjoy the articles and if you'd like to Join Bukisa through my referral code a tryout, feel free to use my referral # or sign up directly. I do help promote those in my network to help launch and then every few months I try to help promote.