Evictions: Foreclosure is not just paperwork - 11 videos

For those friends that have not seen foreclosure results up close and personal, here are a few videos to show you what is happening in America all over. Starting with the first video that includes how the loan broke TILA or truth in lending laws. And ending with 7 strategies to use if you are faced with foreclosure.

Less than 1% of home loans are modified. In some states the eviction is 3 days. 3 days to move a lifetime of memories. Arizona is generous - you get 5 days. Evicted homeowners lose their downpayment money, as well any money towards principal payments is gone. To add insult to injury, about 90% of foreclosures are estimated to be wrong. Many do not know that they are victims of toxic loans or fraudulent loans. Many do not know of some of the answers that are out there.

What the heck.... ? What is the hurry to EVICT? 3-5 days? Cash for Key's options mean that you sign away all rights to property! Choice you get 30 days and a POSSIBLE few bucks OR you get evicted in 5 days. That is COERSION. We have courts that are applying COERSION additionally by presuming the banks word that they foreclosed properly. They don't need notes, deeds or anything other than a trustee's deed of sale as a document to force eviction. It does not matter HOW they got that document.

Check out these videos and explore more. LISTEN TO THE STATISTICS and then get involved because it involves everyone in America not just a few nameless people that got themselves into a financial mess. Most people have used all assets to stay in the house as long as they can. All savings, retirement and possibly even loans to try to stay in a house that has no equity to draw from.

DAN'S STORY: Fighting for our Homes - mortgage fraud involved here! TILA (truth in lending) laws violated

CASH FOR KEYS: Explained from REALTOR point of view

HUD foreclosure

Does this sound familiar?: fixed income, no equity and YOU DON'T QUALIFY for help


PETS EVICTED TOO: This video from 2008 when there were less foreclosures

Where have all the builders gone? NEW Industry - Foreclosure Cleanup

2009 What to do if facing foreclosure: Jeff Lerman on Fox News: 7 Ways To Legally Delay or Avoid Foreclosure - remember only 1% of homes in 2010 are now modified!