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Monday Jagger Swagger with 2 videos.. 53rd grammys and dancing in the street kelly osbourne knows how to ruffle. Jagger Swagger - gotta love the performance. grammys grammy


Glee + Barbra Streisand = We Die...a Lot! - E! Online

Glee + Barbra Streisand = We Die...a Lot! - E! Online: "Lea Michele made jaws drop with her solo of 'My Man.' She looked gor-gor-gorgeous in an Amanda Wakeley dress and killer Jimmy Choo heels along with earrings by Neil Lane.
Darren Criss and the Warblers actually had the honor of opening the more than two-hour tribute concert with 'What Kind of Fool.'
Other highlights included British songbird Leona Lewis' soaring performance of 'Somewhere.' Stevie Wonder got a standing ovation for 'People.' And Faith Hill could not have been more elegant and heart-filled with 'Send in the Clowns.'
Producers even showed the Duck Sauce video for the recent international dance music hit, 'Barbra Streisand.'"

Cat Adoption Guide: Food Taken From the Cats

Please comment on the blog below to help save cats whose health is compromised by writing theives. Read the full post by clicking on the title link. Consider buying some cards (lower right column on the blog) or reading additional articles on the blog. ALSO if you will share this with any social media it will help boost her blog back to where it should be and will help feed the cats. Do not underestimate the power of a stumble, digg, facebook like or a tweet on twitter! THANKS for helping Susan in her rescue efforts.

Cat Adoption Guide: Food Taken From the Cats: "This cat adoption guide represents my life work and research pertaining to feral, stray and rescued cats. I have been a colony caregiver to woodland cats for the last ten years, and in that time I have rescued, rehabilitated and saved many cats lives. I am not an organization I am a person who lives a simple life in a remote area in the Ozark Mountains. I work with two other volunteers and we donate our time and our money to the care of the cats that reside in thickets and caves in the sanctuary that is walking distance from my home.

Over the years we have run into situations where there was not enough money to pay for the staggering medical bills and so I started writing online. I published how to articles at and I developed my original photographs into works of art at Nature Gift Gallery at zazzle. I was thrilled to be able to earn from my articles and my art work and the royalties enabled me to continue trapping and getting the cats spayed, neutered and to pay for shots. Additional money was needed, because I took on a cat that was diagnosed with feline Leukemia and AIDS One of my friends"

Cat Adoption Guide: Food Taken From the Cats

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Cat Adoption Guide: Food Taken From the Cats: "Note: I am okay with bloggers backlinking my content by using my blog or article introduction, but I think it is morally wrong to do a copy paste of my work, word for word, link by link, and image by image. I never thought that this would happen to me,

This cat was trapped in a thicket, no food 4 day. By SGolis©
I am a simple person who lives a simple life, I will go out into the woods when it is 9 below to feed a starving cat, I will blog about my work here in hope that I can teach others how to care for feral cats and how to save lives. I donate all of my earnings from this blog to the feral and stray cats in my neighborhood. When bloggers steal my content from this blog they are taking food out of the cats mouth."

Friday Victoria Huggins sent home next month. Examiner friend has niece Chelsee on American Idol!!! Growing list of writers online are you one????


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