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How to Faux Stucco your Interior walls |

Tuesday Oh my gosh settlements, victims owed money and STerns stops foreclosures Tips to writing and earning revenue... links to video articles.
"If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them." Phil Pastoret

Monday BANK IN protestors on video.. must see. then see if your bank paid taxes

Sunday article list on home improvement and HUSBAND improvement.

Friday amazing photographer Herb Ritta photo celeb Celeb foreclosure... another one bites the dust..... GEE WHIZ Courtney probably HELPED designer's career! Twitter post costs bigtime! American Idol Videos... including JLO Do you feel lucky? Do ya? HSBC suspends foreclosures about time. who 's next? WOW Bernanke thinks what? audio Proof that government is going to protect banks no matter what.. is this a stretch? Finally something I can agree with Maxine Waters About tlot tcot foreclosures law Whitewash of government / bank settlement Foreclosure follies indeed! Is the whole world gone mad? Why are you waiting - do you think you wlll get $5.00 for being evicted on FRAUD paperwork? foreclosures cmoing up for landmarks, celeb and racetrack FAke colgone, trump and jimmykimmel sheenteam tigerblood
whooo hooo : @kellyclarkson AI10 Lauren is on to next round 40 milllion votes congrats AI10 Idol American