Single Guy Advice on Kitchen Dating: Hot Dates

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SINGLE GUYS ADVICE: Sexy Bachelor Pad’s Freezer MakeoverCategory: Food
So here we go guys – you have already cleaned the fridge (and hopefully hired someone to shovel out the bachelor pad), and filled it with some easy fixing...
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Easiest Pizza in the World : Hawaiian Hot PizzaCategory: Food
Are you asking yourself what to fix for dinner? Make it easy! You don't have to start with dough to get the ambiance of +pizza wafting through the...
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ADVICE FOR SINGLE GUYS: Sexy fridge is ready for foodCategory: Food
Part one of this series showed you why you need a well stocked fridge to prepare for your hot, sexy date. You know the woman that you might end up spending...
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Stocking the Fridge for a Hot Date: The Sexy Clean FridgeCategory: Art
Have you ever thought of your refrigerator as "date bait?" Some guys do, in fact in some old movies the bachelor pad was not complete without...
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SINGLE GUYS! How to Impress Hot Dates with Great MealsCategory: Food
There are two kinds of dating, date night in and date night out. Anyone can go out and have fun at the local pub or taking in a movie - but there is a...
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