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How to Develop Sales Approach For Small to Medium Business

sales revenue
sales revenue

Tired of lack of focus in your sales? Draw a Flow chart of these steps and keep it above your monitor.

In tough economic times a business must hunker down and define successful strategies. Balancing new and old customers - closing that back door.

Follow these steps to start your more effective sales journey.
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Marketing Strategies- Turtle Shell Marketing or Hit the Road Jack

Hit the road jack. Today's tough times call for better marketing and advertising while budgets are cut. This is the modern day version of using your vehicle and your equipment; much like an old fashioned peddler, and taking your product to where the customers are.

How to Marketing for a Tight Economy

You have heard of gorilla marketing? Well it is time to restratigise and hit the road. Personal face to face marketing by putting your best foot forward and hitting the road using all your available tools and resources to market with a tight budget.

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How to Increase Revenue Solving Customer Complaints

Customer Service Management
Customer Service Management

Losing revenue? Losing Customers? Follow these tips to increase your revenue and close the back door on customer exits.

You have a wide open back door. You are losing customers, some that never contact you and other that leave slamming the door with resounding thud. Buying a Special software might help but following these steps will also increase your revenue. >>>> Keep Reading for steps

How to Build Rapport Instantly

When meeting people you have just a minute to create a good impression so read my other article for further tips on what to wear and how to talk. Have you ever met someone you "just clicked" with? A soul sister it may be because you are creating rapport quickly.>>>KEEP READING: IMPORTANT SALES TOOL STEPS

How to Make Good Impression in 10 Seconds

You are at social event... you have up to 10 seconds to make an impression. ON a job interview about 7 seconds to make that impression. In other situations you may have up to 30 seconds.

Here we will cover that first few seconds and more.... Life comes at you fast - are you ready>>>keep reading

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