How to Look Like Celeb in Boyfriend Jeans

How to Look Like Celeb in Boyfriend Jeans

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Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans or Pants rolled or cuffed started in 2008. Now in 2009, it seems to be the HOTTEST TREND rising. Katie Holmes seems to have started it and its been seen on Gossip Girl as well as on stars like Lindsey Lohen and Jennifer Aniston.

Accidentally discovering the BOYFRIEND trend when the washer broke down, I threw on a pair of hubby's jeans and rolled up the extra length. The kids and friends said, "HEY cool, you have boyfriend jeans." I was then apprised about the value of Boyfriend Jeans, Boyfriend Shirts, and Boyfriend Watches.

Here is your shortcut to wearing the Boyfriend fashions with flair, and how to look GREAT while wearing this comfy style.

Things You'll Need:

  • Jean Brands
  • Blue London, American Eagle, Lucky, Rock and Republic, William Rast, Seven, and AG
  • Fossil Boyfriend Watch
  1. Step 1
    Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston

    With the Boyfriend Jeans look you will want to make sure to have ultra feminine hair, a sexy layer cut or super shiny straight or curled to the max.

    Use Ultra "go with" accessories: a great manicure, sexy hair cut, CHUNKY bracelets and necklace, skip the earrings. Go for big sunglasses and large shoulder bags.

    For Shoes there are lots of CUTE tennis shoes. Although they do not seem to go as well with the Boyfriend Jean as do STRAPPY SANDALS or CHUNKY HEELS.

  2. Step 2
    Boyfriend jeans
    Boyfriend jeans

    Boyfriend Jeans: Look for ones the fit your waist. You can get fitted by waist and length. Some hot brands to check out are listed up above. If you happen to fit your boyfriend's jeans then congratulations! The hottest look right now is to roll them up. Cuff them. Isn't it great to know that you are right in style? Farm girls have been doing this for years. Check out some of the various brands of boyfriend jeans made for women.

  3. Step 3

    Boyfriend Shirts: Now these have been in style off and on for years. Remember the White Biz Shirt coupled with jeans? Well grab a pair of tight fitting jeans and your favorite man shirt! Comfortable. Go for the softest shirt he owns. Or buy one for just you.

    If you want to pair the boyfriend shirt with jeans, try for close not tight fitting tailored shirt.

  4. Step 4
    Use icons at top of page to bookmark!
    Use icons at top of page to bookmark!

    Boyfriend Watch: Right now the girls are drooling over Fossil $200.00 Boyfriend watches. Fossil is a great brand, but if you shop around you can find the look for a lot less. Big and clunky, Boy watches.

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